Monday, November 3, 2008

Tospy Turvy Upside Down

These Ladies seemed to be a bit surprised at having their photos taken!! Always wanting to add something different to each show I opted for these upside-down dolls. Searching online I discovered that most parts of the country call them topsy-turvy dolls. These are modeled after a doll that my Nana Grace had for many years.

Each doll has a 'working' side and 'party' side. Their clothes are 100% cotton, hair is acrylic yarn ~ except for the red head who is adorned with thin strips of polar fleece that are curled! They are filled with polyester fiber fill. Each lady has one of a kind couture!

Always afraid to make a mistake, I drew one face, scanned and printed it onto transfer paper. Next batch I think will be hand done!!

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Liz P said...

These are so great! My favorite personality from these multiples is the working girl with the frizzy blonde hair. She's worked herself to a frazzle!