Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mason! My socks don't match!

Last year I made a set of Christmas stockings for a family that is close to my heart. Each couple had different prints from the next, but all the fabrics were coordinating. One of the couples was expecting and so after the birth of their son, I took the fabrics that made up each of the families stockings and combined them into a stocking for the newest member....I have yet to deliver this stocking, but I know it will get there before Santa arrives!!!
I have had this stocking hanging in my sewing room; I've been looking at it for months and wondering how the boy will spend each of his childhood Christmas Eves and hope that this piece will be a part of them. It prompted me to make a few more for this years craft fair. I did add to the fabric choices and combinations as the scraps would only go so far!!

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