Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Has it really been a year?

Since last January I have sewn and worked; thought about coming and posting here many times. Never feeling that what I have to say is relevent and so letting it slip away. But today realizing that I haven't shared any projects for a year, I thought it was about time.

I designed and constructed 85 aprons for the bakery. Not exactly the most creative project, nor the easiest on my hands, but when you wear an apron for 10 hours a day, it's nice if it covers your entire chest and not just one side......I hope that the 'girls' are happy with them and appreciate the bias cut and full coverage.

Alterations kept me busy in the sewing room and reorganizing every so often keeps me on my toes.

Christmas projects started early and they included a vintage pattern flannel bed jacket, a set of John Deere satin PJ's, a number of fabric pieced ornaments, a fleece pullover, an asymetrical knit top, and sewing lessons for my love.

Next week end with the weather warming up, a trip to Marden's to see all the fabric I've been missing (and my big sister, who I've also been missing!!) It always gives my imagination a kick start to see new fabric and think about the possibilities. Maybe my sisters garden will be free of snow and we'll get to think of those planting possibilities as well! The smell of damp earth, of clean air and a good cup of coffee mixed in with a new bag of quilting fabric and great company. How could a weekend get any better?