Saturday, August 30, 2008

History 1995 ... Trash to treasure YKK

Back in the early 90's we were living in Matthews, North Carolina. I was working at the local "Piece Goods Shop" fabric store and volunteering at Crown Point Elementary School. At some point the fabric shop was revamping it's inventory and had decided to toss out this zipper rack. Never feeling right about tossing such useful items into the dumpster I took it home and with the help of my (now ex) husband removed the metal hanging rods and replaced them with dowels and washers. I made slings out of flag bunting to hold the books and turned the door around to disguise the YKK logo. My two daughters kindergarten teachers were happy with it and I like to think it is still in service. My daughters, one is pictured in the first photo, just graduated from high school so I am sure that it has since made friends with the land fill, but it was a fun experiment!

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