Friday, August 22, 2014

Schacht 25" Flip Rigid Heddle Loom is here and producing!!!

After the wonderful class offered by Jen Baum of the Weaving Shed in West Boylston, I fell in love...... with weaving. I purchased my first loom and warped it with the least expensive cotton 'Sugar and Cream' yarn I could find........ the first experimental dish towels were not to be too expensive as I assumed the mistakes would be many (and they were) and the frustration level would be high (it was) and the language would be colorful (ditto) BUT I persevered and discovered that I had remembered more than I thought I would.  
The bottom photo taken by my fantastic supportive husband is the  first warp I put on the loom. Crammed into the sewing room I was determined to get SOMETHING started. The middle photo is the cloth completed and the top photo is up close and personal.
Shrinkage was at about 20% with the final washed and dryer product measuring 16" x 18" not including the fringe. It is thick and soft  and I can't wait to clean up a spill!
The first mistake I made was double threading each slot in the heddle, but it turned out rather nice and appears as though I meant to make a heavy duty cloth. The next piece is single cotton through each slot and that will be posted as well.........
I am so looking forward to gaining confidence with this loom and start producing some interesting clothing... any requests?

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