Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I just take for granted that I will have the time. The time and the ability to accomplish what I need to before any event. Life always intervenes and yet I still seem to muddle through. So this Christmas with my job in flux and family needing extra care and support what do I do? I proclaim that all my gifts should be made. An easy feat under normal circumstances and thinking that the four day work week would work to my advantage, I plan and begin execution of six (O.K. seven) projects. Then the flying squirrels enter the picture. Nine in total, but I believe it was numbers seven and eight that caused me to rise in the middle of the night and track their movements. Unfortunately tracking their movements involved a flight of hardwood stairs and my back side.
Six hours in the ER, four x-rays and two CT scans later I was released. No work for a week. No sitting, little standing and definitely no right foot sewing machine pedal operation. My sewing schedule is off!!!!!
It's been six days since the fall. Six days of drug induced sleep, bizarre dreams and too many made for TV Christmas movies. Today I am going to experiment with my machine configuration. Standing like the factory workers from the 40's and sewing. If they could do it, I can do it!!  More later........

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