Monday, September 1, 2008

History: Dally and Ralph Wedding Gift, May 1999

This was my first real attempt at a pieced quilt. 1999. Previously I had made some appliqued quilts, and I had the nerve to give them as gifts; but really I should have hidden them...... I believe this pattern is called Garden Trellis

I try to sign the quilt with something I have written that is meaningful and personal; this one is no exception, it reads:

May the warmth of love,
The piecing of life pleasures,
The weave of souls intertwined,
Comfort you, keep you and bring you joy.

9/2/08 I was reminded today that the wedding was actually in just took me a year to get this quilt done and present it at their open house; the inscription is dated for 99....thank you Dally!

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